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10 августа 2018, 09:40

Google Pixel 3 XL revealed in entirety by hands-on pics and video

Google smart devices are known for the variety of features and that’s the only thing behind the high sales graph for the company. The much awaited Google Pixel 3 XL is finally unveiled in entirety through pics and videos. With bundles of leaked photos and videos, there are some of them showing a detailed feature.
The recent pics are hands-on which actually hints that the model is for real and if the pics are not real for any reason the person with such data must have to go a lot of trouble. So, it is quite right to brand them the final production.
The news hit the sky from Russian source Канал Лучкова, published on Android Police. The photos suggest notched white version of the smartphone packed inside a fancy box with a variety of features. The box includes earbuds and headphone adapter with USB-C cable.

Before the current data arrival the same source show Pixel 3 XL running along with clear specs listed on the view screen operated through an Octa-core processor planted on Qualcomm with the power of Adreno 630 GPU. Moreover, the video shows 2960 x 1440 screen resolution and 4GB of RAM.
For more action, you can have the detailed video on Android Police. Although it seems quite unusual as a boxed model of Google Pixel 3 XL has been leaked before the launch. You can say that the technology world is full of surprises and to remain in touch to technology stay connected to ArenaPhone as it guarantees the latest updates of technology.